Earn up to 11.7% APY interest from your crypto assets

DeFi Block is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools. We are currently tracking 50+ yield-bearing assets with an average interest rate of 0% and 19.92% qualified providers.

Why DeFi Block is for you?

DeFi Block is an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets.

Easy to create wallet

Send & receive anytime

Reports & analytics

Real-time interest

Enterprise-grade security

24/7 dedicated support

A new era of crypto investments has arrived

DeFi Block is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.


Investment growth
Year over year


New investors
Joining every Month

The values that drive our Protocol

The most secure protocol for money

Open source

Open-source so users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code to anyone and for any purpose.


Decentralized organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group


It is a system of recording data in a way that makes it difficult to change or cheat the network. It also makes the data available to everyone at any time, so that all transactions are transparent.


DeFi Block is Community-driven initiative that provides control of the development process, resources and decision making authority directly to groups in the community.

DFB is the native currency in the DeFi Block ecosystem

Name - DeFi Block
Symbol - DFB
Decimal - 18
Total Supply - 4,200,000

Join Presale and Airdrop

Listing Price 1 DFB = 12$

Invite People to get 50% BNB + 50% DeFi Block on every airdrop and presale.

Presale End on

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswapexchanges at Dec 30, 2022.

Claim 1 DFB


Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 10 DFB

Max Buy 4 BNB = 4,000 DFB

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